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"Your Occupation" as listed on the signature page is an often overlooked item of the tax return.  Normally this would read:
  • Securities Trader
  • Commodities Trader
  • Securities & Commodities Trader
  • Trader in Securities
  • Trader in Commodities
  • Trader in Securities & Commodities

But what about when you are not a trader and you do not want the social embarrassment of "Unemployed"  or the boring "Retired"  or "Housewife" listed?

In many cases "Investor"  or "Homemaker" or "Childminder" is an honorable employment to be listed,

Being a "Consultant," of course, is the perennially stated occupation when you are "between jobs" or otherwise out of work at the moment.

But what about when you basically do nothing, but want to sound impressively mysterious when it comes to disclosing just what it is that you do do? 
 For anyone who can at least read the daily newspaper here we have some of the more creative Occupational Titles that may fill just such a need:

  • Social Policy Analyst
    • Social Policy Analysts examine and analyze social programs, social legislation, or proposals based on demographic, social and economic analysis.
  • Ergonomist
    • Ergonomists analyze human activity in domestic, leisure or working settings, the demands it makes on the person, the effects of these demands, and its implications for individual capabilities and limitations.
  • Natural Resources Policy Analyst
    • Natural Resources Policy Analysts examine and analyze the use of our natural resources and the legislation or proposals effecting them.
  • Multimedia Ergonomist
    • Multimedia Ergonomists or conduct research and analyze the physical, social and psychological interrelationships between persons, their equipment and working or living environments.
  • Economic Policy Analyst
    • Economic Policy Analysts examine and analyze the economy and the legislation effecting it.
  • Investment Economist
    • Investment Economists study economics as it pertains to investments.
  • Fitness Policy Analyst
    • Fitness Policy Analysts examine and analyze health and recreational programs and the legislation or proposals effecting them.
  • Kinanthropologist
    • Kinanthropologists observe the  human body in movement and analyze the relationships humans in movement have with the biological, psychological, social, cultural and ecological subsystems.
  • Anthropologist
    • Anthropologists examine, analyze and compare different cultures and how they grow, develop and interact. How people live and what their cultures are and were like offer insights into modern life and how significantly (or, more often, how little) we have changed as a people and how similar we are in our basic systems of interaction.
  • Behaviourist
    • Behaviourists study observable and quantifiable aspects of behavior and exclude subjective phenomena, such as emotions or motives.
  • Stevedore
  • U.S. Department of Labor list of occupations





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