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Discussion Board, F.A.Q.,
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FUTURES, Sec 1256 Contracts & Currency:
      Trading Futures updated 3/16/14
      60/40 treatment of Futures under Assault updated 10/4/08
      Trading FOREX updated 9/24/12

BENEFITS available when you have "earned income" from a trading entity or your spouse:
      My Retirement Options? updated 10/23/14
      My Medical Plan? updated 6/4/08

STUFF FOR SALE to maintain trading skills and show IRS you are really in a trading business:
      Discount Trader's Bookstore updated daily
      Trader's Video & Audio Tapes updated daily
"Must have" analysis books and software to protect IRS Trader Status
      Equipment for the truly serious trader updated 1/30/09

      Important Disclaimer updated 4/15/08
      Lender Comfort Letters updated 11/27/12
F. A. Q. updated 3/15/14

       Discussion Forum unused - archive only
      Jesse, the Artificial Intelligence Tax Information Guy
      Daytrader links and tax sites updated 6/1/07

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